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2020-21 National Licensed Vendors

organik   Please consult the 2020-2021 National Vendors Policy for the Vendors application and further details.

2020-2021 Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. National Vendor Policy

2020-2021 Licensed National Vendors for Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.

CSS Keepsakes

Contact: Cathy Davis
Items sold: Wooden Pieces (Shield)
Phone: 216-400-1132

BK Life and Style, LLC

Contact: Teresa Gonzalez
Items Sold: Apparel, Blankets, Crafts, Jewelry, Purses, Umbrellas
Contact Number: 202.664.4480

PersonaliDee, LLC

Contact: DyKiesha W. Rankin

Items Sold: Apparel, Blankets, Glassware, Jackets, License Plates, Pens, Socks
Phone: 901.512.7533

FB: Personalidee LLC

Em Cee Shoppe

Contact: Miriam Charles
Items Sold: Accessories, Apparel, Jackets, Jewelry, Tote Bags
Phone: 832.909.7707
Email: hello@emceeshoppe.com

Website: emceeshoppe.com
FB/IG/Pinterest: Emceeshoppe

L&B Creative Designs

Contact: Linda L. Bradford
Items Sold: Accessories, Blankets, Garment Bags, Jackets, License Plates, Pens
Phone: 410.991.4995

Reign Drop Designs

Contact: Dariona Haynes
Items Sold: Accessories, Apparel, Backdrops, Banners, Cards, Flyers, Glassware
Phone: 901.230.4487

Email: reigndropdesign1@gmail.com

Website: www. reigndropdesigns.com
FB: Reign Drop Designs

Dazzling Bling by Theresa

Contact: Theresa Cooper
Items Sold: Accessories, Apparel, Anything Bling
Phone: 713.614.1433

IG: Dazzling.bling

D&D Affordable Treasures

Contact: Amanda Dutton
Items Sold: Accessories, Apparel, Jackets, Jewelry, Sweaters, Umbrellas
Phone: 504.228.2359

One Button 1, LLC

One Button 1, LLC
Contact: Deborah McKinnies-Wesley
Items Sold: Blankets, Coasters, Cosmetic Bags, Garment Bags, Masks
Phone: 678.344.4836
Email: onebuttononellc@gmail.com
Website: https:/www.1button1.com


4 U By Su

Contact: Susan Whitley
Items Sold: Accessories, Apparel, Bags, T-Shirts, Wooden Pieces
IG: @4uBySu

Michelle Marie, LLC

Michelle Marie, LLC

Contact: Brittany Smith
Items Sold: Accessories, Apparel, Jackets, Jewelry, Luggage, T-Shirts
IG: @MichelleMarieLLC

The Emerald Brand

The Emerald Brand
Contact: Chana Brooks
Items Sold: Art, Candles, Glassware, Ornaments, Shoes, Wooden Pieces

FB/IG: The Emerald Brand


Contact:  Kenekii Ward
Items Sold:  Apparel, Blankets, Jackets, Shirts, Umbrellas

Press 4 Promotions

Press 4 Promotions
Contact:  Kelly A. King Causey
Items Sold:  Apparel, Art Prints, Candy/Cookies, Garment Bag, Jewelry, Shoes

Choice CraftZ, LLC

Choice CraftZ, LLC
Contact:  LaJeanne McKinney
Items Sold:  Apparel, Blankets, Crafts, Decals, Embroidery, Garment Bags, Glassware
FB&IG: @choicecraftz

St. Louis Seamless Seamstresses, LLC

St. Louis Seamless Seamstresses, LLC
Contact:  Dr. Miranda Avant-Elliott
Items Sold:  Apparel, Blankets, Garment Bags, Jewelry, T-Shirts
FB&IG: @Miranda Avant-Elliott

Kouture Events & Graphics, LLC

Kouture Events & Graphics, LLC
Contact:  KaShauna Spratley
Items Sold:  Accessories, Apparel, Graphic Designs, Jewelry, Sweaters
FB&IG: @BoutiqueByKouture

Cicely’s Jazzy Art

Cicely’s Jazzy Art
Contact:  Cicely Miller, Owner/Artist
Items Sold:  Art Cutting Boards, Coasters, Matted Art, Clutch Bags
Website: cjazzyart.com

Email:  cjazzyart@gmail.com

IG:  @Cjazzyart