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Founder’s Day 2018

Iota Phi Detailed Shield CrispJune 1, 2018


As we come together as one sisterhood to celebrate this special day I encourage each of you to take time to reflect upon what initially motivated you to become a part of this great organization. What was it about THIS particular sisterhood that Lola M. Parker and her six friends founded that enticed you to want to become a member, and most importantly what has sustained you over the years to remain a member? Today is also a day to consider your personal goals as they relate to the present and future of Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. How will you make a difference in your chapter, on the regional level and even on the national level? What will your efforts be to help this organization move to the next level, whatever that level may be? What will your part be in helping this organization sustain its membership growth and all else that we have accomplished over this last year? These are “deep” questions on a day we come together to “celebrate”, but we must also reflect on these things if we are to continue to move this organization forward.

Sorors, we indeed have had a magnificent year! We are continuing to grow as an organization, chapter and membership-wise as well as the auxiliaries! Our programming and projects have been phenomenal! I am extremely proud of all that YOU have done in the name of IOTA. You all are to be congratulated for the part you played in all that we have accomplished over the year.

As an organization, our commitment and dedication to the education of our youth beyond high school remains strong. It is evident in the scholarship funding we currently distribute every year nationally. However, the cost of higher education continues to increase as Universities and Colleges can no longer rely on the support of the States as they once could. As we move into our 90th year as a premier business and professional women’s organization, I challenge each chapter and region to increase their level of scholarship giving as we to strive to reach our annual goal of $100,000 nationally. We can do it…..

Along with our steadfast commitment to the benefits of higher education, we must continue to embrace and provide unbridled support to those women and youth in our communities who have that entrepreneurial spirit. For it is through their spirit and hard work that we build the foundations of small business that will become the basis of corporations within our communities. Sorors, in order for our communities to thrive it is not an issue about one or the other but both, education and business. We have to support higher education as well as business entrepreneurship if we are to have strong, sustaining economic independence within our communities. WE can be the spark that makes it happen!

Sorors, enjoy the day! Embrace our sisterhood and celebrate all that is Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.!


Stephanie Dilworth

22nd National President