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Iota Phi Lambda Sorority Response to the Coronavirus and Conferences

Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. Response to the Coronavirus

Sorors, I have spoken to several Regional Directors and I want you to know that the health and safety of our members are our top priority and we want each of you to be extremely cautious during this time of Regional Conferences.  I know that each of you are closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and you are concerned about flying and crowd size.  Please adhere to the guidance from the CDC as well as your personal doctors regarding the proper prevention and management of this virus.

We are not cancelling the Regional Conferences at this time, but we ask each of you to protect yourself as well as your sisters against any chance of contracting this virus.  Please do not attend the conference if you are ill or if your doctor has advised you not to travel due to any chronic health concerns.

Regional Directors should contact their hotel for any information that they can share with membership concerning the steps taken by the hotels to safeguard the safety of their guests.  They should also check to see if the hotel is willing to work with them if they are unable to meet there guarantees due to cancellations.  Because it is so late and monies have been paid to the hotels, if you cancel there is no guarantee of any refund.

As many doctors have stated, protecting yourself against this virus is your best line of defense.  According to Dr. Terry Mason of Chicago. “The virus lives on surfaces for several hours after exposure, so using wipes to clean surfaces you touch; airline seats, airline tray tables, the handles of grocery carts and other surfaces is a good idea.”

Most important, remember to wash your hands and cover your sneeze or cough with a Kleenex and then throw it away. Because a sneeze can travel up to a very long distance, stay away from close contact with sick people.  Be safe and take care during this period of anxiety.  I will see you at the conferences!!!

Dorothy M. White
23rd National President