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Iota Phi Lambda Sorority Insurance

 As a national organization working within our communities, particularly with youth, and given the times we now live in, it has become necessary to take steps to protect the organization sufficiently, including each individual chapter and our National Board. To this end, the Board agreed to secure general liability insurance that will cover all chapters and our National Board.

As of Friday, February 16, 2018 we are now insured. Therefore, when you plan your next public event and the venue requires proof of insurance, you can now provide a Certificate of Insurance. A copy of the Certificate of Insurance will be posted in the member’s only section on the National website.

I know you are thinking about the cost and the fact that we have gone a very long time as an organization without insurance. As you know, it is better to have insurance and not need it, than to need insurance and not have it.  It is a cost of doing business that we as a responsible organization cannot ignore any longer. The current budget cannot cover the entire cost of the insurance on an annual basis, therefore there will need to be an increase in the national chapter assessment. I am hoping that we can phase the increase in to give chapters time to adjust. You will be informed of the proposal later, as per our normal procedures.

Insurance Documents

  1. Certificate of Liability
  2.  Additional Insured Request Form
  3. Sample Request