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Founder’s Day Message 2017

Iota Phi Detailed Shield CrispJune 1, 2017


Today is a special day, a day to reflect upon our own individual contributions to our chapter, to our region, and to our national organization. As I mentioned earlier this year, being a member of this illustrious organization has its privileges as well as its responsibilities. Today is a day to consider our goals for the present and for the future of Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.

Sorors, we have had a powerful year!  We are growing! We are undertaking wonderful programs and projects in our communities, and looking to do more in the upcoming year.  The Lola M. Parker Foundation is doing great things in support of our Sorority, currently our Toys “U” Can’t Return program. Our drive to support students seeking higher education through our local, regional and national scholarships is striving to reach its goal of $100,000 nationally. Sorors, we are working…..

This past year also marked major milestones within our organization; the 80th Southern Regional Conference, the 80th Eastern Regional Conference, the 70th Far Western Regional Conference and the 70th Southwestern Regional Conference. The Central Region, the result of a merger between the Western and Northern Regions, marked its 37th Regional Conference, though it could have been the 80th or 78th respectively when you consider the previous Regions. What an accomplishment! What a powerful legacy! We should all be proud of the longevity of this great organization!

While we celebrate our legacies we must also envision them as steppingstones to the future; looking beyond. Our legacies established the foundations of Iota Phi Lambda as a national organization, and equally important, established each of you, our local chapters and regions. It is essential that we leverage the ideas and strengths across our regions to encourage and support each of you, our chapters, to look beyond to the future of IOTA.

The 88th Anniversary National Convention, July 19-23, 2017, in Long Beach, CA is our next opportunity to come together as a body to contemplate the future of IOTA. I encourage each of you to plan to join us at the convention as the convention gives you the opportunity to see the fullness of the organization and participate in important decisions that affect the organization.

Sorors, as you come together in sisterhood on this day at the appointed time, think about your role in carrying out the aims and ideals of Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. Think about what kind of role model you want to be for your chapter and region. Then rededicate yourself to fulfilling that goal. It is with you that it all begins.



Stephanie Dilworth

22nd National President.



Founders Day Message 2017