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Iota Phi Lambda Sorority Inc. Salutes Its Essential Workers

We Salute the Essential Workers of Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.

On behalf of the National Executive Board for Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Incorporated, we are delighted to present this document in support of our Essential Workers during this period of COVID-19. There are 14 essential employment categories listed by the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). Employees that fall under these categories are referred to as “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers” and are generally required to deliver services around the clock. There are many in our organization who have worked on the frontlines serving the community during this pandemic. Their efforts are critical to keeping the country functioning, making sure that every one of us is safe and healthy. They have been willing to sacrifice their own safety and well-being during this crisis; we are eternally grateful. Your contributions are appreciated, and we thank you in our prayers, hearts, and minds each and every day. Stay strong and THANK YOU!

We received the names of several teachers and even though they are not considered essential workers by DHS, we wish to offer our special thanks to them for all the work they do to educate our children. Without their guidance during this pandemic, parents would be completely overwhelmed. They provide guidance, lesson plans, teaching tips and online classes to help parents and students survive the sheltering in place mandate. So, we offer a special THANK YOU!!, to all the teachers who are members of Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.

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